Safe And best Sex Positions After Birth?


  • Lazy sex:- lazy sex is recommended highly by asian girls in vegas because you get a shaky experience in a spoon position giving a rough grinding penetration that will target both clitoris and g-spot of women. This position works best by providing minimum exertion with wider access to the clitoris.
  • Spooning:- Spooning works best for couples who want to take it slow as in this position you and your partner go side by side and you can control the penetration from going too deep or too hard and rough on the vagina. This position is recommended by escorts because it will not hurt the vaginal.
  • Oral sex or cunnilingus:- oral sex is a form of sex which can be done in any position, thus asian girls las vegas recommend oral sex because it does not involve deep penetration rather physical and mental arousal is used by mouth, hands, and fingers for orgasm.
  • Frisky flip:- frisky flip works best for those women who feel discomfort on top positions and want a slow and smooth penetration without taking any force on the body. latina massage las vegas use these type of positions so that women can lay down on pillow support, allowing a relaxed penetration without going too deep in the vagina.
  • Side 69:-side 69 escorts favorite position as it combines oral, 69, spooning, and light penetration in one place which provides the best sexual arousal without any problem or issue regarding pain or irritation in the vagina.

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