What Are Your Birth Control Options?


According to las vegas luxury escort, Birth control is far better than having surgeries and abortions. There are several birth control methods that Escorts use and recommend for a pregnancy free and safe sex life.

Escorts say that an active sex life requires a proper birth control to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

There are some Escorts recommend options for your birth control you can use in your regular sex life.

These methods are very effective when used properly.

These are:-

  • Spermicide:- Spermicide is a jelly, cream or foam that you insert inside your vagina before having sex. According to Escorts, Spermicide is a very effective birth control option as it kills sperm when contacted with it. It is preferred to insert spermicide 30-45 minutes before having sex.
  • Condoms:-Escorts recommends using condoms during sex. They prevent sperm from entering into the vagina. Professional super busty escorts recommend using male condoms as it works better than female condoms and provides more protection without any side effects.
  • Diaphragm:- Diaphragm is a rubber dome placed over the cervix. Escort recommends using diaphragm as it provides long term birth control and works best when used with spermicide.
  • Cervical Cap:- Cervical cap is a smaller and similar form of Diaphragm. Escorts use a cervical cap for longer and contiguous sexual intercourse. The only limitation is you need to replace it after your periods.
  • Birth Control Pills:- Birth control pills are the best oral options for birth control. busty babes escorts recommend using birth control pills as it reduces the hormone that produces fertile eggs and reduces your chances of getting pregnant. It also helps in making periods lighter and less painful.

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